• Guler Aylar, Co-Founder

    Guler is a Turkish born former banker who currently lives in North Vancouver. She is a Nutritional Advisor certified by Sanoviv Medical Institute, and a Dream Coach certified by Dream University in the USA. Her passion is to guide people to reach their life goals and inspire them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. As a Nutritional Advisor, Guler provides a personalized nutritional program to enhance people’s health so they can experience optimum health. Recently, she added being a professional tour guide to her skillset and enjoys taking groups to the Rockies in the summertime.

    She is in a beautiful relationship with Miklos Pardanyi sharing the same vision of creating a healthy community.

    Guler believes that it takes personal growth to grow a strong, wealthy and supportive community and everyone deserves to be in that “dream community”.

  • Pinar Cetin Efe, Co-Founder

    Pinar moved to Vancouver 11 years ago to study little more business and marketing. Her plans to go back home changed after she realized how peaceful and beautiful Vancouver is. She went to BCIT to focus on marketing and it led her to work in various local companies as a marketing and sales supervisor for years. She recently shifted her career into graphic design field and completed Communication Design program at Emily Carr. Now, she combined all her skills and became a freelance graphic designer, marketer, and event planner.

    She is passionate about health & wellness, natural living and sharing her knowledge with other people. She loves traveling and exploring new cultures with her other half.

    She believes there is always a lot to learn and grow personally. In her dream community, people uplift each other to even grow more.

Our Core Values
  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Integrity
  • Support